Your most pragmatic Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Pragmassist offers help in literally any area you need it. It may involve simple document typing, data entry, complex spreadsheet formulas, presentations... The list is endless. Why don't you focus on what really matters, and let us handle the petty details?

Office Software Fluency

We are impressively fluent with all Microsoft, Libre, and Google Office Applications!


Documents are quite simple for just about everyone. We understand this, but we also understand that the document requirements of certain control factors (such as ISO or OSHA) require such tedious attention to detail that they can take away from productivity. Also, hiring paperwork such as enrollment forms, non-disclosure agreements, client feedback surveys, and more can be hassle-free!


Spreadsheets and Data-Entry are also quite often found on the easy end of the spectrum, until complex formulas become involved. Also note that when you try to build multi-sheet workbooks that have interlacing formulas, it soon becomes challenging to remember what does what! Pragmassist has you covered! We will build it so that it runs like a Database, and take the stress out of the situation!


Easy-To-Follow Work Instructions, Showcasing Advertisements, or simply Presentations for meeting or training purposes are not an issue! There's no need for you to waste your time worrying about these minute details when you need to focus on the bigger ones. Let us know what you are trying to portray and send us any specific images you want to see and Pragmassist will take care of it!

Simple Samples

Flip through these simple examples. We have a policy on artistic designs, so that the end result is more appealing to the user and improves their efficiency. This is our first priority. Most importantly, if you don't like the design: we keep working until you are satisfied.

And More!

Not just the familiar applications, but programs from Libre, Google, and Microsoft (such as Drawings, Forms, and Sway) are well within our capabilities! Ask us how we can help you today!