Your most pragmatic Virtual Assistant

Logo Designs

Pragmassist is built on artistic creativity and does not shy away from it when it comes to graphic arts. We can either generate new logos for you or improve one that you already have! Sometimes, even the logo of a business needs upgraded to stay competitive in today's market. If you don't stand out above the competition, you may not even get noticed! If you're starting a business or upgrading a current one, you can't focus on such a petty detail. Let us give you a hand!

Pragmassist Logo Shock Faze Studios Logo Medallion Logo

Short Animations

Sometimes these can help keep the waiting room happy. Add a short Logo Animation to a monitor in the lobby, to your website, Facebook, etc. or play one in the background of a marketing campaign. The possibilities are endless!

3D Printing Models

Watch your ideas or your logo come to life with the precision of a computer! Turn a drawing into an actual object! Although we do not presently own a 3D Printer, we do know people that do! We can generate the models that the printer will use, and then have the final product delivered to you!