Your most pragmatic Virtual Assistant

Database Design

Most databases are built for functionality only...with zero focus on the end-user. These often provide bland designs that can be quite confusing. Our focus begins with the end-user, keeping each front-end form as simple to use as possible while maintaining the back-end functionality!

User Friendly

At Pragmassist, we take pride in our ability to make things easy for you. Each display contains easy-to-follow instructions that aide the user in navigation. Databases are custom-tailored to you and your team so that no un-useful fields (that always come in commercial software) confuse or distract you, which of course increases your efficiency. Easily manage your projects, inventory, and anything else you need.

Our Database Policy

Pragmassist offers free bug fixes for the useful life of the program (or the life of Pragmassist). There's no need for a monthly maintenance program. We believe that if our design has a flaw, it is our responsibility to tend to it: Plain and simple. Also, if you want an upgrade later, it is so much easier and cheaper than buying a new software! What's holding you back? Contact Pragmassist today!